This traditional cob longhouse had suffered many floods throughout the years. As a result, when removing the cement render, a large proportion of the front elevation had disintegrated therefore giving way. Due to the cob being kept damp for a long period of time, the natural binder which gave it strength (i.e. straw) had rotted and eroded leaving the cob with no structural integrity, hence the collapse as seen. We removed all decayed cob work and reinstated with 300 pre-made cob blocks, laid on a cob mortar bed. With all the cob repaired and structurally sound, the building received full lime render works with sympathetic finish and pigmented lime washing.

We have employed Woodlouse Conservation a number of times and have found them to be consistently efficient, cheerful, polite and very tidy, leaving the site immaculate. We would not hesitate to recommend them

Mr & Mrs Essex