the insulation future for traditional buildings?

This house was suffering from rising, penetrating and condensating damp caused by an inappropriate cement render and an exposed position. Our team re-rendered using fully breathable and insulating eco-cork in the base coats and traditional lime render on the top coat. Our client noticed the difference immediately and is delighted to have a warm and dry, self-regulating home.

beat the traffic

Essential works were required on this charming 16th century thatched house which is situated on the main A39 road to Minehead. The Woodlouse Team had to work long hours to produce a speedy turnaround, therefore minimising traffic disruption on this busy holiday route. Decoration works are scheduled for Spring 2017. Many thanks to all at S.R.Scaffolding and Sun Traffic.

mixing kings

This summer our superhero labourers, Darren and Dan, tested their mettle when faced with the biggest render job of the season. A massive thirty six tonnes of lime render had to be mixed then carried by hand in trugs to feed a team of four 'spreaders'. Darren is not called 'Muscles' for nothing...

added character

This beautiful elm beam was sourced in a Somerset reclaimation yard and, once cleaned and trimmed, now adds character and charm to our client's living space. For pictures of the final result, please click here.